- for which kind of games are these films?
...for 8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball and 14/1
- are the films only available as a set?
...no, the films are all available single and in different sets
- will the balls be detracted at game start-up?
...no, this is avoided by the special form of the cut
- how is the fuction of the ULTIMATE BREAKMASTER films?
...the functionality is like an invisible frame
- does is matter on which side I place the film on the table?
...genreally the films are symetric but the side with the font is not totally fair therefore the film has a better grip on the cloth. Font face-down means font is readable
- wherefore are the little ' > ' on the film?
...they help to place the film on the correct place on the table
- how does the setup of the balls work with the ULTIMATE BREAKMASTER?
...you place the balls in the film beginning at the base point from behind. With the last ball the pulk should then be moved forward slighly and you let the balls tipping back
- does the film stay on the table ?
...yes, but it might be removed afer the first shot
- may I fold or winkle the film?
- for which seize of balls are the films?
...they are made for the standard seize of billiard balls: 57,2mm or 2 1/4 inch
- what happens if the cloth is really worn?
…the functionality might be affected
- what happens if the cloth is new ans the balls are not touching totally?
...perhaps the balls are used and became smaller due to longtime playing or polishing
- in which colours are the films availabe?
…9-ball is yellow, 10-ball is blue, 14/1 is red, the combined 8-ball is transparent an the combined 9-10 ball is green
- are all films availabe in all coulours?
.. No, only the tournatment sets are all colourless transparent